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Case Study
Mr. Jones owned a manufacturing company in the healthcare industry along with 5 other family members.  They ran it successfully for 15 years and sold it for $200 million to a NYSE listed company.  They came to the Oxford Group of Lake Success to develop wealth optimization strategies as well as a family governance protocol.
Mr. Dalal and his team the The Oxford Group of Lake Success undertook diagnostic studies to evaluate their current situation with respect to tax, legal, financial, and leadership ability.  The Oxford Group of Lake Success presented to the family their current situation.  In the second step of the process, Mr. Dalal interviewed each and every active member and his or her spouse and completed discovery profiles to understand each family members values, ethos, purpose and mission for the family.
Mr. Dalal also interviewed the Rainmaker of the family and developed a comphrensive interim protocol to empower the Rainmaker to share his mission, vision and purpose for the next 50 years.  The interview also gave an opportunity to the Rainmaker to share potential challenges which might prevent him to get where he wants to go, evaluated his strengths and that of his family that have been developed over several years – personal, professional, financial and emotional.  Mr. Dalal also empowered the Rainmaker to visualize the opportunities that were presented to the Rainmaker and his family in order to take it to next level in terms of personal, professional, financial, emotional, and spiritual growth.
Once the diagnostics studies were completed, Mr. Dalal created a family mission, vision, and purpose statement.  He also created a roadmap that reflected the gap between where the family is currently and their desired outcome for each of the outlined goals. 
Wealth Optimization Strategies were developed to reflect their goals maily fiancial independence to sustain their lifestyle and their children’s lifelstyles in the event of health, education and maintenance hardships, mitigating current and future estate taxes, leveraging their gifts – both annual and life time and, creating a Family Heritage Bank that empowered the entire family to support the causes about which they are passionate – education, healthcare, social welfare and art.
Taking into consideration an average growth rate of 7% and an average risk tolerance of moderate risk, under the present plan scenario at the end of 25 years, the current assets will appreciate to $750 million, resulting in a potential tax liability of $350 million.  Mr. Dalal and his team of experts including a tax attorney, CPA and the client’s spiritual advisor, developed customized solutions for 11 children and delivered the following benefits:
  1. Allowed the Rainmaker and 4 other siblings to maintain control for 25 years.
  2. Create a Family Holding Company, Family Limited Liability Company and
  3. Grantor Trust through which the gift transactions were done.
  4. 4. In addition to this advanced strategy like Charitable Lead Trusts and the support organization was also utilized.
  5. A Second to Die Life Insurance Trust was also created with generation skipping provisions.
After implementation of the solution, Mr. Jones and his other family members were able to reduce their taxable estate from $750 million to $200 million, thus reducing their tax liability from $350 million to $100 million.  Mr. Jones was able to provide for his family a legacy of $600 million and a Family Heritage Bank of $150 million.
Mr. Jones with the help of Mr. Dalal and his team also developed a 12 point priority matrix which combined his financial and non-financial goals and thus developed clearer vision and focused all their time and energy over the next three years to achieve what was important to Mr. Jones and his family.  Mr. Jones was able to make a profound effect on the education system by endowing a fund to create scholarships to support 20 children each and every year for undergraduate and graduate studies.  He also established granjts to undertake research in both breast and prostate cancer at a national healthcare facility.  With the help of The Oxford Group of Lake Success , they started a family council, had 2 retreats and were able to reconnect with their younger generation and be able to communicate their guidance and principles that made them successful.  They also established an incentive based access to capital that empowered 3 of the 14 beneficiaries children the ability to borrow money at a favorable rate to start their own businesses.  These businesses have flourished over the last 2 years of existence and have made them very confident and proven business leaders in their respective fields.
With the help of Mr. Dalal, Mr. Jones was also able to investigate and invest $130 million of their assets into real estate, alternative investments, institutional money management and investment in his children’s newly established entities.
Mr. Jones and his family members purchased $180 million of life insurance that would cost the members $0.15 on the dollar, thus leveraging their money 1:7.  At the end of three years, Mr. Jones reviewed his life plan and was extremely grateful that he was far ahead by creating this customized plan for himself and his family members.  He is in the process of creating his family office with the help of Mr. Dalal and has continued to retain Mr. Dalal’s services as his most trusted advisor and family wealth coach.