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The Legacy Perpetuator Process™ : Empowers you to build and protect your wealth for generations to come The Oxford Group of Lake Success founder, Mr. Mayur Dalal, works with you one-to-one. Yet as personal as our services are in dealing with your individual situation, the engagement is structured within a prescribed framework.

Based on more than a quarter century of experience in advising successful entrepreneurs, Mr. Dalal has developed and documented his own Legacy Perpetuator processes™ guiding each meeting he has with you and informing every facet of his relationship with you. The process is the product of Mr. Dalal’s own quest for success along with his deep spiritual commitment and a humbling pursuit of achievement through discipline and sacrifice.

Mr. Dalal’s The Legacy Perpetuator Process™ is a methodology for clarifying your business and family goals over the next 10, 25, and 50 years. The Discovery Process is comprised of four discreet phases.

Discovery. Who motivated you to succeed? Who will succeed you? How well-developed are management and decision-making structures of your organization? The Legacy Perpetuator  Process™ is a high-level personal and business life audit in which you take stock of what you have created. In this unvarnished self-evaluation guided by Mr. Dalal, you gain perspective on issues such as:

  • which of your children—if any—are best-suited for taking over the reins
  • how your parents are likely to happiest in retirement
  • proper professional relationships with siblings and in-laws
  • treatment of key employees in your organization

Our Diagnosis relies on four questionnaires that we fill out with you over the phone or in our offices.

  • A 10-question Legacy Scorecard that takes 10 minutes provides a snapshot of your current financial situation and your vision of the future.
  • A Data Collection Sheet catalogs all of your contact information, family members and an inventory of your assets and takes 10 minutes to fill out.
  • The Legacy Questionnaire solicits information about family financial philosophy—your core beliefs and values—and relationships with your family members. It takes 15 minutes to fill out.
  • The Living Legacy Questionnaire, which can be filled out in 15 minutes, gathers data that will be used to articulate your values and design your wealth management strategies.

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Evaluation. Unlike other advisory firms that rely on software packages to produce canned financial plans, Mr.  Mayur Dalal creates customized solutions analyzing your business and personal holdings, managing risk, and optimizing your wealth. Moreover, the Prescription provides for the orderly, tax-efficient transfer of your assets to the next generation in a manner consistent with your values and family goals. Utilizing the information created in the Diagnosis stage of the process, Mr. Dalal writes detailed recommendations in a comprehensive 12-page document summarizing:

  • The value and performance of family assets and other real property
  • The value and performance of stocks, bonds, and other securities holdings
  • An analysis of how your assets are titled and will pass from your estate to your heirs
  • Recommendations on how you can better arrange your estate to pass tax-efficiently
  • An analysis of whether you are optimizing tax-deferred solutions
  • Recommendations for utilizing customized  tax-deferred vehicles
  • Gifting techniques aimed at “freezing” the value of you estate for tax purposes
  • Asset protection techniques to protect your assets from creditors and predators

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Implementation. After meeting to go over all recommendations, you decide with Mr. Dalal’s guidance how to move forward with implementing your Legacy Perpetuator  plan™. If liquidity must be created to fund an estate tax liability, for instance, an irrevocable life insurance trust can be established.

The Oxford Group of Lake Success works very closely with members of your family office and coordinates the work of your attorney and CPA, or we introduce you to legal and tax professionals we know and trust.

Meanwhile, Mr. Dalal personally assists with implementing a Family Governance Protocol to ensure the continued success of your family values and tradition. Legacy Team will also help you  design a succession strategy aligned with your family goals. The results-driven Family Governance protocol is a brief but powerful document that:

  • Establishes milestones for your succession plan and your successors
  • Ensures succession occurs on a schedule based on short- and business goals
  • Sets profitability and other financial metrics for successors
  • Creates a corporate hierarchy with defined interdependent business decision-makers
  • Establishes a Family Council where each stakeholder can participate and be heard
  • Ensures longevity, stability, and continuity of your business based on strategic planning
  • Articulates equitable solutions and resources to children not active in the family business
  • Initiates a mechanism for family governance that can last for generations
  • Supports family harmony, unity and bonding while ensuring the family leader’s wishes are honored

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Sustainability: Results Management. In this phase of your Legacy Perpetuator  plan, the The Oxford Group of Lake Success team reports to you quarterly progress of your personal freedom  as well as financial freedom goals.

Your asset holdings are examined and reported on annually

  • Your business’ growth strategy is analyzed each year, or more often if needed, to determine if it remains effective
  • Your income and estate tax planning is assessed annually for any tax-saving opportunities
  • Your securities holdings are monitored by an LPG analyst and rebalanced annually if needed 


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